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The Earl Of St. Vincent is a beautiful example of one of the traditional pubs in Cornwall nestled in the picturesque village Egloshayle, just outside of Wadebridge. With an amazing collection of clocks, a hearty menu with fine wines and ales.

The Earl of St. Vincent is one of the last unspoilt pubs in Cornwall, originally built in the 1600′s as a boarding house for the masons. The spirit of eating and drinking is deeply rooted in our history.

Centuries past, travelers in need of sustenance or respite from the rigors of traveling on foot or by horse would stop at the nearest tavern.

These early gathering places, primitive by today’s standards, became popular haunts for tinkers, musicians, story-tellers and those wishing to enjoy the local hospitality.

Many different kinds of establishment have evolved since then, from the commoners’ dives (so called because they were located underground), to hotels and the more aristocratic restaurants.

Today, there are pizzerias in Italy, saloons in America, tapas bars in Spain, the sidewalk cafes of France, and village pubs in England.

The Earl of St Vincent is such a place, where travellers, friends, business people, or that special romantic party of just two, can meet to enjoy a drink and eat traditional food in relaxed and informal surroundings.

Serving fine wines and traditional ales, we are open every day (except Christmas Day) for morning coffee, lunch and dinner. We very much look forward to welcoming you to The Earl of St Vincent, a fine example of one of the counties traditional pubs in Cornwall.

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